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Download our Annual Report for our 2019 fiscal year here.

Upcoming Adult/Family Programs and Events

Missing camp already?! Join us in the fall and winter. CLC offers several non-summer programs and events open to you, your family, friends, and fellow church members; we’d love to see you!

  • Did you know CLC operates as a Cross Country Ski Facility?! Rent a cabin with family and/or friends, and come out for some XC Ski fun. Reach out to us and at:


  • Mark your calendars for our annual Spring Cleanup Weekend! Join us up at CLC and help us prepare for the summertime. May 1-3.

Camp Shows

Camp Show season is up and coming! The Crystal Lake Camps Directors will be traveling the globe, sharing CLC’s summer youth program, and our adult and family programs both during the summer and in the off-season. If you would like to host a camp show, or have one in your area, please contact


Learn more about CLC:

Are you interested in CLC but need more information? You can watch our online camp show from wherever you are! Click here to view. We also have an online camp show with Spanish translation, which you can watch here.

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Rest and Study

Did you know that camp offers Rest and Study in the fall, winter, and spring?!?! Come up to camp for a peaceful and quiet atmosphere to relax, prepare for your Association, or take some prayerful time. We have a fully-stocked reading room with Christian Science resources, cozy and rustic rooms overlooking Crystal Lake, and access to a kitchen for preparing meals. Please contact for inquiries.