CLC Legacy

Crystal Lake Camps maintains an active Alumni Council whose purpose is:

“ … to keep CLC alumni in such close touch with the goals and activities of the Camp that they become an important factor in promoting and supporting the Camp and its work in the Christian Science community throughout the world. In addition, the intent of the Association is to renew and strengthen the members’ fellowship with all those who have loved and supported Crystal Lake Camps.”

The Alumni Council hosts the annual Alumni Homecoming Weekend over Columbus Day Weekend each October, and additionally hosts gatherings in cities across the country. If you’d like to speak with them about events or opportunities for CLC alums, they’d love to hear your ideas.

Check out the Alumni Association’s Facebook page to learn about what’s going on now with CLC Alumni!


The 2017–18 Alumni Council members are:

Ian McLeland, Chair, Chicago IL

Paul Kowit, Vice-Chair, Philadelphia PA

Patricia Watt, Secretary, Pittsburgh PA

Betsy (Mouser) Huffman, Wilton CT

Scott Griswold, Webster NY

Jim Keeley, Herndon VA – Trustee liaison


If you have any questions or ideas for the Crystal Lake Camps Alumni Board, are thinking about joining, or if you are interested in subscribing to our email newsletter, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!