The festivities have begun!

In only a day it feels as though we have had enough adventures to complete a full session! Our first full day here at CLC for Session 3 started off with our Sunday services – both church and Sunday School. It was a beautiful morning, so majority of the Sunday School classes were able to […]

Wish you were here!

When the morning bell rang this morning, it was the first bell to ring on Third Session, ringing in a whole new session of endless possibilities! This is our most international session yet! We are blessed to have campers and staff from Uruguay, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, El Salvador, the United States, Latvia, Argentina, […]

The end of another great session!

Well, there goes Second Session. Where it went, who knows. How it went? Perfect. We ended Second Session with another amazing banquet in every way. The decorations were exquisite and other worldly as we stepping into the world of How To Train Your Dragon. In the land of Berk, dragons and vikings co-exists and live […]

The extraordinary sharing of talents

Last night was the Talent Show and boy were some extraordinary talents expressed! We started the day with our Metaphysical Activity Period (MAP) led by one of our practitioners, Aubrey. The focus was pinions, and we shared our opinions on our pinions! First, we broke down what pinions actually are, which are the ten outermost […]

World Cup Soccer Day!

What a great couple days we’ve had! When the campers came back from Overnights, we all rejoiced upon their return by celebrating International Night after a full day of classes. Though not a fully adventurous evening program, International Night is important to Crystal Lake Camps because it provides an opportunity for campers to all come […]

Sunshine all the time!

It was another full day of classes, and I have to say, we really are enjoying the sunshine! All the classes are in full swing from the soccer field up in Boys’ Camp to the waterfront down along Crystal Lake. The sun is shining, the boats are out, and if you listen closely you can […]

Greetings from second session!

Second Session has begun and we are in full swing! The weather has been sunny, the weather has been rainy, but regardless, we are still out around Crystal Lake living our best lives and expressing God in every aspect of every activity! We are now in the habit of translating all our instructions and activities […]

Fun on the Fourth

As 1st Session comes to an end, we were able to go out with a bang with our Fourth of July Independence Day Celebration and Banquet last night! It was a whole afternoon of festivities and I’m excited to recap it all with you! First, the morning consisted of packing and prepping for the afternoon. […]