South America 2018

In mid-November, Becca and I headed down to JFK Airport in New York to begin a 16-day trip to share about the activities and opportunities at Crystal Lake Camps with Christian Science church members and attendees in several cities in South America. We had a wonderful time meeting lots of new people, sharing about the […]

The Power Behind Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is really a tremendous time of year.  I was really struck last spring about it, as I happened to be in London at a church’s Wednesday evening service, and a testifier gave a testimony that came out of prayerful work she had done from the previous Thanksgiving.  What a contribution to humanity Mrs. Eddy […]

The Origin of The Monster Mash

There are specific things about Halloween that make Halloween the most Halloween possible that Halloween can be. No matter what you call it – Halloween, All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Eve – even if you use the little comma and call it Hallowe’en (not sure why you would do that but hey, to each their […]

A Trip to Prince Edward Island Canada

I started working at Crystal Lake Camps the summer of 2013. Whenever the councilors invited me, I would visit the Dunwoody boys to read a bed time story to them. My favorite was reading chapters from “Anne of Green Gables” by Lucy Maud Montgomery (or Maud as her friends called her). I found a yellowing […]

Creating a Planet Run by the Sun

In high school I began to learn about the various environmental challenges that our earth is facing. At The Principia College I continued to study which factors are negatively influencing our planet and how we as humans can still be positive change agents, within my sustainability minor. I became most fascinated in mankind’s involvement in […]

Designs of Love in Henna

I’ve been doing henna for about 3 years – so not too long. I’m Indian, and so I was always used to henna in my culture. Whenever there would be a wedding, there would be henna there, and I was always fascinated by it. One day, I bought a tube from the market and I […]

A Gap Year Full of Blessings

        I made my gap year my own. I had the opportunity to spend my time exploring and having a lot of new challenges. I would not have had these obstacles if I did not push myself to go against the norm of jumping right into college. Even though taking time off […]

Session 1, 2018

Week 1 of CLC’s 70th summer is coming to a close. We’ve had an amazing start of Session 1 with classes such as cooking, horseback riding, dance, boating, archery, school of rock, and STAR! Our evening programs were full of energy and excitement. The Barn Dance was a blast; we played mouse-trap, musical chairs, and […]