Four ways CLC prepared me to be an actor

On the surface, spending a summer at camp and performing a play are very different activities. For example, at camp we try to unplug from gadgets and get outside, while plays are (usually) indoors and often require quite a bit of technology to pull off. But as a professional actor in Chicago for the past […]

Feeling God’s Ever Present Love!

Thanksgiving is in just a few days and during the holiday season it’s especially important to be recognizing the true spirit of what they represent.  Here to tell us about feeling God’s Love and being grateful for that, is Christian Science Practitioner John Kohler, who joined us for the first time this past summer! It’s […]

Winter is coming!

Halloween has come and gone, and you can’t help but notice the immediate scramble to get Christmas decorations up and holiday tunes playing when walking through a store.  Even before Halloween, big name shops had Christmas lurking in the back corner of their stores waiting for November 1st to come. Now I know that there […]

“I can of mine own self do nothing…”

In honor of Veterans Day today, Brian Humphreys gives us a glimpse into his training time during his military service and how Christian Science and his experiences at camp helped in overcoming obstacles.  Nothing quite prepares you for boot camp in the Marines.  Think of the tornado scene in the Wizard of Oz, only in […]

Coming Home To Camp – October Events

 Marissa Bunting has been coming to camp since 2002.  Throughout the years camp has been a second home for her as she’s gone from camper to counselor.  This past October Marissa joined us for two annual fall events. I started going to off-season events at camp when I was 13 years old.  Jessica Henderson, a […]

Join Us in October for Alumni Reunion Weekend!

Crystal Lake Camps is to many people a second home away from home.  What makes it so memorable though? The beauty found walking through the woods with sunlight streaming through the leaves of trees, sunsets over the lake, or the bright glowing stars at night… Raising the flag with your camp mates to signal a […]

Little Olympics Pt 2

Round TWO of the CLC Little Olympics and you guessed it! It’s WATER SPORTS (and other fun and often food related games!) Games like the high jump!           And Dragon Tails (an aquatic version of flag foot ball, this sport involves teams of several swimmers in a chain of inner tubes trying […]


It has come again! The culmination of the summer clan games at Crystal Lake take place in a floury of camaraderie and spirit…THE LITTLE OLYMPICS! For those of you just tuning in allow us to set the scene: the competitors each hail from one of the four Crystal Lake Clans (based on the clans of the […]