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Crystal Lake Camp and Ski and Outdoor Center Merchandise

We are excited to help you shop!  Please email or call us at camp if you have any questions or need help ordering.
phone: 570-584-5608

We ship items out at the beginning of each week, so please allow up to two weeks for your purchase to arrive.  Also, when an item does sell out, it may not be restocked for a few months.  A “sold out” message only refers to the specific color and size ordered; we may have the item in other colors/sizes.

Looking for a specific size and color that is sold out?  Please email us and we will be happy to contact you when that item is restocked.




Ski Center Apparel Merchandise
Ski Center Head Gear - $15
Ski Center Vest - $45
Ski Center Long Sleeve Shirt. Front and back are the same for all. Choice is between Material (Synthetic and Cotton), and the cut of the shirt (Men=Crew, Women=V-neck)

Men's Cotton Front

Men's Cotton Back

Women's Synthetic Front

Women's Synthetic Back
Ski Center Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt - $20
Ski Center Synthetic Long Sleeve Shirt - $20
Camp Apparel Merchandise
New Camp T-Shirt (Front and back are the same for all. Choice is between the color)

Military Green Back (All sizes)

Galapagos Blue Front (Adult sizes only)

Forest Green Front (Youth sizes only)

Royal Blue Front (Youth sizes only)
CLC T-Shirt Military Green - $15
CLC T-Shirt Galapagos Blue - $15
CLC T-Shirt Forest Green - $15
CLC T-Shirt Royal Blue - $15
Crewneck SweatshirtSweatshirt and old camp T-shirt
CLC Crewneck Sweatshirt1sweatshirtcropped1marshmellowcropped
CLC Crewneck Sweatshirt - $20
CLC Sweatshirt - $40
CLC T-Shirt Marshmallow - discounted to $10
Misc. Items
1bandannacroppedCrystal Lake Camps stickers1mugsidecropped1travelmugcropped
Map Bandana - $5
Bumper Sticker - $.50
CLC Mugs
CLC Cards
Packet of 5 different cards with artwork done by summer 2016 campers. Each packet contains a different set of 5 images. Sorry, at this time we are unable to take orders of just particular pieces of artwork.